About Us

All of my jewelry concepts came from a love of betta fish and the freshwater aquarium hobby and began as hand drawn sketches and translated into beautiful works of wearable art. Every hand drawn detail is precisely captured in each of my pieces to reflect the fluid and delicate nature of the many different freshwater aquarium fish and plants. Each of my pieces are set in 925 sterling silver and plated 18k gold and rose gold and some adorn with precious and semi-precious gems and crystals.

My goal is to bring the beauty of freshwater aquariums to the world of fine jewelry.
Each piece is designed to reflect the poetic ambiance of the hobby, with all manner of freshwater aquarium fish, invertebrates, and plants. I am committed to bringing you extremely unique items that don’t exist anywhere else.

Whether you are looking for a gift for the aquarium lover in your life, or a piece of jewelry to reflect your own love of all things aquatic, Aquaria Gems has something for you. I hope you enjoy my jewelry as much as I enjoy making it!
Aquaria Gems. Where freshwater aquariums meet fine jewelry.
A Message From The Artist:

As my way of giving back to the freshwater aquarium hobby that has given me so much joy, 5% of all proceeds will be donated to Betta Fish Rescue, a charity organization that rehabilitates and rehomes betta fish and educates the public about their proper care.